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Hasselblad - Stainless Steel H4D-40

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Author: Gabriel Becker |  Published: 12/01/2010 12:48:05 |  Rating: 

The Stainless Steel H4D-40 - as beautiful as it is strong

Press Release:

Copenhagen, November 26th 2010: In response to photographer requests after seeing the solid steel body around which all H4Ds are built at photokina, Hasselblad is now producing a limited run of 100 H4D-40 Stainless Steel cameras.

Revealing the solid stainless steel body that's at the core of all H4D-40's generated excitement among photographers not only because it demonstrated the camera's core strength but also because of its unique look and appealing aesthetic. Now, for a limited time, photographers who want their camera to look as striking as their pictures, can purchase the H4D-40 Stainless Steel for 13,990 Euros (body only +tax) or 14,990 Euros (with HC 2.8/80mm lens +tax).

The award-winning H4D-40 features Hasselblad's groundbreaking True Focus and Absolute Position Lock technology as well as the latest in extended functionality, including an electronic spirit level, previews in tethered mode, and a new graphical information display. With these advanced features, Hasselblad continues to develop the ultimate camera system for discerning photographers.

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