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Anna BianchiAnna Bianchi
I am the art photographer. I like to photograph the nature, unusual conditions. I love the wide corner, unusual lights. My photos print in magazines. Ich bin der Kunstfotograf. Ich fotografiere gern die Natur, ungewöhnliche Bedingungen. Ich liebe die breite Ecke, ungewöhnliche Lichter. Meine Fotos drucken in Zeitschriften.
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Author: Heilgard Becker |  Published: 02/08/2010 16:44:59 |  Rating: 

Models Makeup

Modelling and makeup experience toward a positive reflection of inner beauty, expressed outwardly in a way that is as infinite and distinctive as we each are – a model or a makeup artist is as good as their tools and techniques, so why not feel confident and competent in expressing your individuality.
Your stylist spends about two hours working one-on-one with hair, makeup and accessories to create your personalized style. You'll go with a custom makeup chart and the confidence that you're going to look fabulous on your working day.

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