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New Digital Back Hasselblad


Author: Thomas Greenman |  Published: 10/05/2010 18:43:49 |  Rating: 

Hasselblad Introduces New Digital Back for V-System Cameras

Septemeber 2010: V-System users now have an additional option for turning their cameras into a powerful digital capture device with the new 50 megapixel CFV-50.

Transitioning from film to digital imaging is easy for V-System users thanks to the introduction of the CFV-50 - a 50 megapixel back with a sensor that is twice the size of the best 35mm full-frame DSLRs on the market today. The CFV-50 marks the third digital solution for the V-System community, building
upon the successful releases of the CFV-16 and the CFV-39.

In order to ensure an almost seamless conversion to digital, the CFV-50 was custom built to match the design and functionality of the V-cameras. Compatible with virtually all existing V-cameras, including the 202FA/203FE/205FCC models, the CFV-50 offers cable-free operation and optimized integration between back, body and lens.

While easy to use, the CFV-50 offers a number of advanced features including Hasselblad's DAC lens correction technology for most of the V-System Carl Zeiss lenses. DAC completely corrects for distortion, lateral chromatic aberration and vignetting in exactly the same way as it does for the H-System lenses. Additionally, the CFV-50 takes advantage of the Hasselblad Natural Color Solution, which uses one generic profile and, therefore, delivers accurate colors straight out of the box. The digital back offers flexibility as well, with square and horizontal format options.

Optimum portability and image storage are critical for the professional photographer. The Hasselblad CFV-50 offers a choice of CF card storage or tethered operation. With these operating and storage options, the photographer is able to select a mode that suits the nature of the work at hand, whether in the studio or on location.

The CFV-50 is available for 11,990 Euro (+tax). For more information and the opportunity to see the back in action, please visit the Hasselblad booth in Hall 2.1, Aisle A, Booth 021.

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