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Qflash TRIO

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Author: Deborah ONeal |  Published: 02/02/2010 20:43:15 |  Rating: 

Non Stop Flash - 10,000 + Flashes All Day, Every Day

Non Stop Flash - 10,000 + Flashes All Day, Every Day

» QTTL Dedicated Camera Adapter
» Radio Wireless TTL - Send or Receive
» Qflash Studio Quality Light
» Camera Shoe Mounted and all Built-in!
» Auto Focus Assist
» USB Port for Firmware updates
The new Qflash TRIO QF8 combines a Qflash head with built-in FreeXwire TTL radio and QTTL adapter for your digital camera. Slip it onto the camera hot-shoe, connect a Turbo with the included long power cable CQ8, and go.

TRIO's radio sends TTL commands to other remote Qflash TRIO's. Configure distinct modes and settings of remote Qflash TRIO's from the on-camera TRIO.

New Firmware update now available for Trio and Pilot »

New TRIO and PILOT Features
• Compact, shoe mounted Qflash with High Speed Sync capabilities.

• TRIO QF8N for Nikon / Fuji cameras, QF8C for Canon cameras.

• Control and synchronize any number of remote Qflash.

• Send camera TTL wireless data to remote Qflash*.

• Receive QTTL signals from other TRIO's or FreeXwire transmitters.

• Unlimited rapid-fire, full power flashes.

• Built-in transmitter and receiver. TRIO can be the on-camera Qflash and control unit or a remote Qflash.

• Removable long and short power cables.

• PILOT commander controls remote Qflash from camera hot shoe. Self powered (4 AA Batteries) or Turbo powered.

• PILOT QF9N for Nikon / Fuji cameras, QF9C for Canon cameras.

* Some older Qflash models require updates for certain features.

Specifications Qflash TRIO Qflash PILOT
Power Any Quantum Turbo 4x "AA" or Turbo pack
Weight 20 oz. w/ reflector & flashtube 14 oz. w/o AA batteries
Guide Number 160 (ISO 200) n/a
Approx. # of Full
Power Flashes Turbo, SC, C: 400
Turbo 2x2 700 n/a
Recycling Speed Turbo, SC, C: 1.5 sec.
Turbo 2x2 1 sec. n/a
And, the on-camera TRIO controls older Qflash* models mated to FreeXwire receivers. Control an unlimited number of remote Qflash units.

Radio QTTL signals from TRIO do not require line-of-site like camera optical links... they're more reliable and work at 5 times the distance.

An accessory, Qflash PILOT QF9, provides all the features of the TRIO without the flash head. The self-powered PILOT commands remote Qflash, requires no external power pack and mounts to a hot shoe.

Pros worldwide depend on Qflash for high quality rapid flash firing... standing up to intense assignments that leave other shoe mounts gasping. Now, get Qflash rugged reliability in the shoe mount TRIO.

Qflash TRIO has all the same features as other Qflash models including: Manual, Auto, Auto-Fill, TTL, and Program (Pre-Sets) Modes. TRIO is powered by Quantum's line of Turbo battery packs.

With a Qflash TRIO master flash on the camera hot shoe and Quantum TRIO's or QFlash 5d-R's as remote flashes there is no need to worry about where to mount a radio transmitter or receivers, worry about loss of battery power, or whether a sync cord will fail at an inappropriate moment.

Quantum's FreeXwire radios are either built-in or directly attached to their Qflash. When your Turbo powers up a Qflash, power is also supplied to the built-in or attached FreeXwire.

There is no other radio controlled flash system that can transmit wireless camera TTL information to remote flashes up to 600 feet away.

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