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Simon BancroftSimon Bancroft
I am the art photographer. I always search for sense in photos. I want, that the spectator has reflected. I want the spectator was touched by a photo from inside.
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Analytics for Photography Web Sites
If we can’t measure it, we simply can’t progress. Photographers must heed these words and learn how to use Google’s free analytics toolkit to make smart Web site decisions.

 In this session, PhotoShelter founder Allen Murabayashi covers the basics – exactly what photographers need to implement and make sense of Google Analytics. He’ll show attendees how to analyze visitor traffic patterns, track on-site behavior, monitor keywords driving search traffic, establish action goals and measure conversion rate, and set ing to monitor growth. Measuring the data and knowing what to do with it can give a photographer a true competitive advantage – this session is a must for photographers who know their websites are business tools – not simply brochures for displaying pretty pictures.


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