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Anna BianchiAnna Bianchi
I am the art photographer. I like to photograph the nature, unusual conditions. I love the wide corner, unusual lights. My photos print in magazines. Ich bin der Kunstfotograf. Ich fotografiere gern die Natur, ungewöhnliche Bedingungen. Ich liebe die breite Ecke, ungewöhnliche Lichter. Meine Fotos drucken in Zeitschriften.
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Name: Photo school IAP Photo school IAP New York
Address: New York, United States
Date of Registration: 05/03/2007
Company: Photo school IAP New York

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The school is created for development photography.

The photo school is authorised educational organisation International Association of Photographers (IAP).

School activity are based on Association principles, training is conducted according to the Association code.

Training is conducted both beginning, and skilled photographers.

The students successfully left school receive the diploma of the international sample.
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