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Heilgard BeckerHeilgard Becker
Models Makeup. I work with models on photosessions photographers, studios. I can arrive to any point of the world.
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Hasselblad - H4D Ferrari Limited Edition Camera
Hasselblad Announces Pricing and Shipping Date for the H4D Ferrari
Hasselblad - Stainless Steel H4D-40
The Stainless Steel H4D-40 - as beautiful as it is strong
Kodak challenges Samsung and LG
Kodak Takes Action Against Samsung and LG For Patent Infringement
Nikon launches revised 300mm F/2.8 VR lens
A fast telephoto lens offering built-in Vibration Reduction (VR II), and the world’s first telephoto converter to utilize an aspherical lens element, extending focal length by 2×, both compatible with the FX format
Qflash TRIO
Non Stop Flash - 10,000 + Flashes All Day, Every Day

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