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Reception new members of Association.
News about reception system of new members of Association.

International Association of Photographers IAP. 

In system of reception of new members to our Association have been made changes. They are published on site IAP. We suggest you to familiarize with them: 

Introduction process consists of some steps: 

1. Be registered. 
2. Your registration will be checked up by our manager and will appropriate the status "Friend". 
3.. Enter into your account, using the Login and the Password. 
4. Load the avatar. Fill the galleries with photos copyrights on which belong to you. 
5. After approval your photos by our experts and the coordination of your status, you will get access to a week of the free test period. Your account will be changed according to the new status, and you will have access to all tools. Further you should pay the membership in a current of one more week. 
6. Payment. Open Membership Payment, Choose a category of youк status and pay through system of electronic payments PayPal. 
If you don't make payment, your account will be removed. 


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