Each IAP member must comply with the Code of ethics.
This Code is intended to improve the quality of all art forms and strengthen public confidence in the profession.

The international Association of art and art photography IAP establishes the following:


* IAP unites and serves the art industry as a representative of its members and offers programs that improve professional standards and profitability.
* IAP is an independent, focused, future-oriented Association to meet the needs of its global community.
* IAP distributes timely information, products, and services and promotes industry creativity, profitability, and business growth.


* Maintain dignity and manners in the provision of services and in all forms of professional conduct
* Adhere to the highest standards of integrity and avoid using false, inaccurate, or misleading terms and descriptions.
* Produce a product with a quality equal to or superior to the samples shown.
* Strive to produce only those types of works and services that will increase the prestige of the profession and will play an important role in raising the overall level of art.
* Recognize responsibility for proper maintenance.
* Be accurate in presenting services.
* Constantly learn and improve their professional knowledge and skills.
* Present your advertising materials carefully and reliably.
• The trade name of a member's business must be disclosed and the member must not interfere with the legal rights of other businesses, such as illegal copying of materials or unfair neglect of competitor products or services.
* Promote the development of the profession, support industry standards and continuing education
* Is a party to any plan or agreement to discriminate against a person or persons based on race, religion, gender, disability, or country of origin.
* Strive for positive example and influence to maintain the spirit and high standards expressed in this Code.