Image requirements

Release must be printed, filled, signed, scanned and uploaded to the image

Release model

Release minor model

Property release


Artistic works must be produced by the authors who represent them.
The ideas of the work must be their own, and the themes and subjects must not be plagiarism.

Works must have artistic value and carry a positive meaning.

Topics that contradict the law are not allowed.

The design of the work is made by the author.

Prints and posters are produced by IAP services.

If the original artwork is purchased, the author must provide reliable postal delivery to the buyer. Registration of documents for export from the country and payment of all expenses is the responsibility of the author.

Authors of paintings and graphics must submit and post high-quality electronic reproductions with a resolution of at least 24 megapixels on the IAP website.
They will be used by IAP to create and sell prints and posters.


File format: JPEG with maximum quality. Color space RGB (recommended color profile sRGB IEC 61966).

The minimum size is 3000x2000 pixels (6 megapixels).

Maximum size: not more than 100 MB.

Interpolation is not more than 5%.

The photographer placing the images must be the sole owner of all property rights, including copyright.

The image should be properly exposed, with a normal white balance.

The focus should be on the main object.
The image should not have digital noise, artifacts.
The image should be clear, not blurry.

Images should not contain objects protected by copyright law, for example: trademarks, whole cars, private and business information (license plates, plastic card numbers, telephones, identification numbers, serial numbers, etc.).


The release of the model is the resolution that the model gives the photographer to use the image for commercial purposes.

If there are recognizable faces on the image, a model release from each person is required.

Release can be in this on this page, or a similar form.
Release model

Release must be printed, filled, signed, scanned and uploaded to the image.

If the image contains recognizable faces of children under the age of 18, a model release from each person is required, signed by the child's parent or his legal guardian on this page, or a similar form.
Release minor model

Release must be printed, filled, signed, scanned and uploaded to the image.

The signed release of the model must be scanned and attached to each image.

If the image is a self-portrait, you need to release the model from the author as a photographer and as a model.

On the release of the model, the signature of the witness is required.


Required for recognizable not typical author's things in the frame, having artistic value. For example, paintings, sculptures, soft toys, books, maps, recognizable interiors, designer clothes, decorations and so on.

Common geographical maps, globes do not require release. Original, stylized require a release.

On art pictures, images, sculptures, embroideries and other author's works in the frame, if they can be identified, releases are required.

The title and the author should not be distinguishable on books.

There should be no spreads of books where you can read the entire page. Small pieces of text are allowed.

A property release is not needed for typical objects when an object is devoid of essential signs of individuality and there are many similar objects of different authors.

Typical covers of books with typical names are allowed, but so that the author or publisher can not identify them.

Release can be in this on this page, or a similar form.

Release must be printed, filled, signed, scanned and uploaded to the image.
Release property


The author, placing images in the IAP Photobank with a license of Right-Managed, agrees to the exclusive right of IAP Photobank to sell licenses for these specific images. The author will not have the right to place these images for sale in other photobanks.
Also, the author does not have the right to post image data for sale with other types of licenses.


Performed in vector programs. The format of writing files, for example .ai, .eps, should be guaranteed to allow opening originals in vector programs. Files are downloaded in an archived form by ZIP. To view images on the site, you need to upload images in .jpeg format. All this is available when choosing to download a new vector image.


The themes of paintings and graphics can be quite diverse. The main thing is the artistic merits of the works.
Artists must understand who will be the buyer of the work. These are collectors, art lovers, people who want to decorate their home, apartment, office. And also make a beautiful gift to your family, friends, colleagues, business partners.


The photographer must understand who is the buyer of the images and for what purposes they are purchased.

Examples of buyers:

Corporations, enterprises.
Designers working in different areas.
Marketers, employees who need images to design their work, reports.
Students, teachers, scientists.
Individuals who need images for interior decoration, for cards and invitations.

Examples where images can be used:
Advertising, outdoor and in interiors.
Internet, design of sites, blogs.
Various publications: printed and network.

Subjects of images can be completely different. The main thing is that the images are interesting, individual.

Photographers have the full opportunity to express themselves.

There is a great need for photographs involving people. There is a need for social images. There is a need for images of different countries and peoples.

When thinking of creating an image, the photographer should think about his buyer, about what he needs.

Always in demand bright ideas, excellent compositions, competent lighting, harmonious color scale.

Try different genres, look for your unique style and you will find your customers!