License agreement


Read the terms of the "License Agreement" carefully before using the IAP images website.


The following provisions constitute a legal agreement between you, your employer or other entity on whose behalf you enter into this Agreement ("you" or "Customer") and IAP images. By accepting this Agreement, you confirm that your country of residence is the same as the one indicated in your billing address.

The following provisions establish the rights and obligations with respect to the Materials for which you are licensed. By accepting these provisions, you agree that these provisions govern your rights and obligations under all material licenses specified herein, regardless of which subscription or license you acquire.

We ask you to get acquainted with these provisions each time you purchase a license for the Materials. IAP images reserves the right to change these conditions at any time at its discretion. If you do not agree with any provisions, or changes, the downloading or use of any Materials is not allowed.


The term "Materials" means all materials available for licensing under these conditions, including images, video.

The term "Video" means any dynamic images, animations, films, videos and other audiovisual materials (excluding static images) recorded in any format and available for licensing on the IAP images website.

The term "Image" means photographs, vector graphics, drawings, etc., available for licensing on the IAP images website.

The term "visual materials" refers to a collection of Images and Videos.


IAP images hereby grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable right to use, modify and reproduce the Visual Materials in other countries, subject to the terms of the applicable license and the limitations described in this document. The right comes when IAP images receive full payment for the purchase of licenses for visual materials.



grants you the right to use the Images:

As a digital reproduction, including on sites, in online advertising, in social networks, in mobile advertising, in mobile applications, programs, e-cards, electronic publications (e-books, electronic journals, blogs, etc.) electronic mailings, as well as in electronic media (including video sharing services, such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc., subject to the budget constraints specified in the sub-paragraphs below);

In printed form on the packaging or in the labeling of goods, on letterhead and business cards, in advertising materials at sales outlets, on billboards, on CD and DVD discs, or in advertising and copies of material data carriers, including magazines, newspapers and books (provided that the Image will not be reproduced more than 500,000 times in total);

In outdoor advertising, provided that its target audience is less than 500 000 contacts.

In films, videos, television series, commercials and other multimedia products (hereinafter referred to as "Products") for distribution by any means that are known at the moment or that will be developed in the future (regardless of the size of the audience), provided that the budget of such Video production is not exceeds $ 10,000;

For your personal non-commercial use (not for resale, download, distribution or any other way of commercial use).

EXTENDED LICENSE TO THE IMAGE grants you the right to use the Images:

In any way permitted under the Standard Image License without any restrictions on the number of plays, reprints or budget.

On goods for sale or distribution for the purpose of advertising (hereinafter collectively referred to as the "Goods"), including, inter alia, textiles, art objects, magnets, wall stickers, calendars, toys, stationery, postcards and any other reproduction intended for resale or distribution, provided that such Products in addition to Images (Images) contain material creative or functional elements.

In stickers on the wall, used for decorative purposes in commercial premises owned by you or your client, and not for sale.

As elements of digital templates for sale or distribution.


Images can be used in periodic media, with any circulation., Such as newspapers, magazines, online publications and printed versions.

Images can be played in any way: printed, via the Internet.


VIDEO LICENSE grants you the right to use Video:

in the Product (ie in films, videos, television series, advertising and other multimedia products), publicly displayed or distributed by any means that are known at the moment or will be developed in the future;

in the framework of live performance;

on websites.

LICENSE TO THE SAMPLE VIDEO grants you the right to use a low-resolution video clip with watermarks (hereinafter referred to as the "Video Sample") only as a test material. The sample video license does not allow the public to display or distribute such a video or include it in any ready-made material. A video sample can be edited without deleting or changing the watermarks IAP images. The video license extends to the sample video when it is uploaded as a Sample video, but IAP images does not guarantee and does not undertake to ensure the availability of a license for this Video Sample in a subsequent period.



Use Visual Materials in a manner other than those expressly provided for in the license you purchased for the relevant Visual Materials.

Represent any person represented in the Visual Materials (hereinafter referred to as the "Model") in a way that may be offensive including, to show the Model:

in content related to pornography, "adult video", entertainment centers for adults, escort services, dating services, etc.

in advertising or promotional materials of tobacco products.

in a political context, for example: in advertising, promo materials or in content produced in support of any political party, candidate or elected official, and in connection with any political course.

in such a form from which it can be concluded that the Model has a physical or mental illness.

e) Participates in immoral or illegal activities.

Use Visual Materials in a pornographic, defamatory or libelous context or in a manner that can be considered defamatory, obscene or illegal.

Use Visual materials marked "Only for editorial use under the license Editorial" for commercial purposes.

Resell, re-distribute, transmit any Visual Materials and provide access thereto, except as expressly provided in these Regulations. Among other things, it is forbidden to display the Visual Materials in whole or in part as a "gallery" of materials, which can be used by third parties to search and select the necessary content.

Use Visual Materials in a manner that violates the rights of third parties with respect to trademarks and other intellectual property rights or causes claims for unfair advertising or competition.

Use the Visual Materials (in whole or in part) as a trademark, service mark, logotype and other designations of an accessory or part thereof.

Use frames from Video in a different way, except for contextual marketing, promotion or advertising of your derivative works, including this Video.

Directly or indirectly create a false idea that any Visual Materials were created by you or by any other person who is not the copyright holder of these Visual Materials.


When using Visual Materials in connection with news reports, comments, publications or in any other (Editorial) context, a reference to the author of IAP images and the company IAP images should be given, having the following format:

"Name of the author / iapimages.com".

If it is commercially expedient, when using Visual Materials or Video products, a link having the following format should be given:

"Images or Video (as the case may be) used under Iapimages.com license."

When using Images in other ways, the author's indication is required only if there is a reference to another provider of stock content in connection with the same usage method.

In all cases, the above link should be of such size and color and be so distinct that it is unambiguous and easy to read with the naked eye.


IAP images warrants that:

Authors of IAP images have delegated IAP images all the rights with respect to the Materials required to grant the rights specified in these Regulations.

Visual materials in their original unaltered form, used in full compliance with these Regulations

Do not violate copyrights, trademark rights or other intellectual property rights;

do not violate the rights of third parties to privacy or publicity;

Do not violate laws, regulations, regulations or regulations

are not offensive, libelous, pornographic or obscene.

The company IAP images makes all commercially possible efforts to ensure the accuracy of related to Visual Materials keywords, descriptions, as well as the reliability of visual materials with the mark "Only for use under the license Editorial."

IAP does not provide any guarantees as to:

key words, titles and descriptions;

audio in video;

visual materials with the mark "only for use under the license Editorial".

IAP images are not obligated to indemnify and hold no responsibility for any claims related to inappropriate keywords, titles or descriptions, audio materials in the Video or using Visual Materials with the mark "Only for use under the license of Editorial".

IAP images does not provide any other guarantees, other than those expressly stated in this section ("Warranties").



IAP images are not responsible for the harm, loss or damage resulting from changes made to the Materials or related to the context in which the Materials are used.

You release the company IAP images, its officers, employees of directors, managers, members and suppliers from indemnification or liability of any type in the case of using the Image other than as stipulated in these Regulations. You also undertake to indemnify IAP images for all costs that it may incur if you violate the terms of this or any other agreement with IAP images.


Except as provided by law, IAP images is not under any circumstances obligated to return the money you paid. All payments are irretrievable, even if the subscription is terminated before the expiry of its term. When buying a subscription plan, you authorize IAP images to charge a full subscription fee for the duration of the period agreed upon at the time of purchase. If you automatically renew the subscription plan, IAP images will charge you for each automatic renewal, unless you have previously disabled automatic renewals in your account settings. In the event that IAP images deems that you are required to refund all or part of the amount you paid, this refund is only for the same card / account from which you paid the purchase price.

If IAP images require you to withhold indirect taxes (for example, sales tax, value added tax, goods and services tax, etc.) under the laws of your country of residence, you will be responsible for paying these indirect taxes. In cases where IAP images are not required to withhold indirect taxes from you, you may need to calculate the tax yourself according to the laws of your country of residence.

The term "not transferable" as used in this agreement means that, except as specifically provided in these Regulations, you may not sell, lease, upload, grant, sublicense or otherwise transfer Materials or the rights to use them . You may transfer the Materials to third parties solely for the production and / or manufacture of your goods containing Materials in accordance with these Regulations. If you become aware of the use of any social network of Materials in a manner not provided for by the license you obtained under this agreement, you agree remove from the site of this social network all derivative works containing Materials, and immediately notify IAP images of each case of such use of materials on the site of the social th network. You agree to take all commercially reasonable steps to prevent duplication of Materials by third parties.

If you use Materials as part of a work product created for your customer or customer or delivered to him, then upon reasonable request from IAP images, you must report the identification data of the relevant customer or customer to IAP images.

Any differences or claims arising out of or in connection with this Agreement shall be settled through arbitration proceedings of the International Dispute Settlement Center effective on the date of commencement of the arbitration, and not in a judicial proceeding.

These Regulations will not be interpreted in favor of or against any of the parties, but only impartially, in accordance with the meaning of the Regulations themselves, their actual meaning.

If you act on behalf of your employer or other organization and agree with these Regulations, you guarantee that you have all the powers and rights necessary for this.

If you do not have such powers, you are obligated to bear personal responsibility to IAP images for any violations of these Regulations.

Hereby you provide IAP images with a limited, worldwide-valid, non-exclusive license to use your trademarks in promotional materials. IAP images includes a published list of its customers. IAP images undertakes to make commercially reasonable efforts to stop using your trademark within 30 (thirty) days from the receipt of your email with the relevant request sent to IAP images.

The purpose of these Regulations is exclusively the mutual benefit of the Parties and these Regulations do not provide for any benefits, rights, duties or obligations of third parties.

If you violate any part of this or any other agreement with IAP images, IAP images have the right to disable your account without prior notice. In addition to the right to disable the account, IAP images has all the other rights under the rules of law and fairness. IAP images is not required to return any payments you make in the event that your account is disabled due to breach of the terms of the agreement.

Except as expressly provided in this document, IAP images do not grant any rights or warranties regarding the use of personally identifiable information that may be displayed in the Visual Materials; trademarks, corporate identity or copyrighted design, or artistic works, or architecture depicted in Visual Materials. IAP images receives permission from models or owners of property rights only in cases directly indicated on the site.