Privacy Policy


The international Association of art and art photography is committed to protecting the privacy of visitors to our site, as well as our members. In this policy, "we" or" IAP " refers to IAP staff, members of the Board of Directors.
This privacy Notice describes the types of personal information we collect on the site. Our privacy Notice also describes the measures we take to protect your information.


User account
Many parts of the site, such as registering as a buyer or seller, or becoming an IAP member, require you to sign in to participate. Accounts are free and easy to set up, although they do not provide access to all parts of the site.
To create an account, you must provide the following information:

 - First and last name
 - Email address
 - The password that you want to use to log in

(Please note: as a basic security, we recommend that you do not use your name, your date of birth, or simple words as your password)


IAP members must also provide additional information when they join and some basic professional information.


We do not require credit card numbers when paying for purchases, subscriptions, or IAP memberships. Payment is made via global systems, for example paypal.com. Renewal of membership, in statuses where it is provided, is paid for. If you do not receive the required payment, you will be excluded from IAP membership.


We may ask visitors to our website to complete online surveys and opinion polls on various topics, such as their activities, as well as our products and services. These surveys help us understand the needs of our visitors.


You can contact us via our website. If you email us comments or questions, we will have your email address, as well as your comment, question, or any other information you wish to provide.


When you visit our website, your browser automatically sends us certain Internet-related information, such as the IP address of the computer you are using and the version of your browser.

We also collect certain information about visitors to our site, such as how many users visited our site, the date and time they visited our site, time spent on the site, pages viewed, and links to sites. By collecting this information, we learn how to better adapt our site to our visitors. Although we only consider such information in aggregate, such information may potentially be linked to your individual IP address.

We also use cookies on our site so that users can access the members-only sections, gallery, and photo Bank. Cookies are small text files that websites often store on the hard drives of visitors ' computers. The cookie contains a unique code that is used to confirm that you are logged in. We do not track cookies outside of the current browser session, so you can disable saved cookies without any problems.

If you are concerned about tracking, most browsers allow you to block cookies completely. Please note, however, that cookies are used to log you in. If you disable all cookies, you will probably not be able to access content in a private part of the IAP website without entering your username and password.

How we use the information we collect

Aggregate information about visitor statistics is used to detect abuse of our website, customize the configuration of our servers, specification of the navigation links and the pricing of our services.

Contact information collected through our website is used for the purposes for which it was provided. For example, to answer a question.

In addition, we periodically contact our members by email to inform them of what is happening in the IAP Association.
We may also use the information we collect to set up our contacts with you.


Some information on the site (such as Forum discussions or "Find author" lists) can be viewed by any site user. This follows from the function of these areas.

By entering your contact information in one of these areas, you agree that people may contact you as a result. (Please note that forum posts usually do not include contact information, and we do not request or recommend that you provide such information in your posts.)

Contact information is used by our employees to communicate, if necessary, with IAP members.