FAQ page



• How can I make a purchase in the Gallery and photo Bank?
• Register. Select a product and transfer the amount to Your account. And make purchases.
If you make purchases in a photo Bank, you can download images after payment.
If you buy Art photos in the form of prints, canvas in a frame, posters, you need to choose the size and design. We will fulfill the order with high quality and send it to Your postal address, in a reliable package.
If you purchase an original work of art: paintings, sculptures, graphics, decorative art items, after payment, the author will send the purchase to Your mailing address in a reliable package.

• How do I deal with licenses? How do I know which license I need?
• You can read more about licenses on our page-license. This is very important, because an error in choosing a license can lead to legal proceedings and large fines.
If You can't decide which license you need, please contact our support team.

• Does it make a difference whether you buy a photo from an author, an IAP Association member, or an IAP expert?
* Author, IAP Association member, IAP expert - these are different statuses of authors. Buy photos that better meet your requirements in terms of content, quality, and size.
IAP Association member, expert and premium IAP Association member are proven, trusted professionals in their field.

• What do you mean-photo rights?
• When you make a purchase in a photo Bank, you are not actually buying photos, but rather the rights to use them in accordance with the licenses. There are 4 types of licenses that clearly describe where and how you can use photos with this type of license.

• How do I get my photos that I paid for?
• After payment, You will have a link to download photos. It will be available for a limited time.


• Is it possible to switch from Member status to expert status and what is required for This?
* Yes, you can. You need to send 10 photos and provide proof of professional work for more than 2 years.

• How is the Association managed?
• Collegially.

* What an author needs to sell their works. Should I be a professional?
* You don't have to be a professional. The main thing-you need works that will buy. This means that the works must be of high quality, attractive, and have the themes that customers need.

• What is the difference between Royalty-free and Extended Royalty-free licenses?
• With the Extended Royalty-free license, you can use photos in ads, but not with Royalty-free.
More information about licenses can be found on our page-license

• What does IAP membership status mean?
• The first is high status, which helps to promote the name, strengthen the authority, and establish higher and more stable tariffs. A member of the Association has expanded opportunities for business, as professional success is recognized by authoritative experts in the field of art.
This is also an increased percentage when selling your products. It is possible to place
unlimited number of galleries and sell your creative photos.

• Can I have expert status if my professional experience is 1 year?
• No. You need more than 2 years of professional work. In addition, you must have a job that corresponds to the level of a professional.

• How can I get my fee?
• Very simply. Your account contains information about all sales. You can withdraw the fee to your payment system account. And then withdraw to your Bank card.
Do not forget to pay taxes in your country for the income received.